How to add manual clockings in JT Clock

Manual clockings can be added via the JT Clock app, if the JT Clock settings in Jarrison Time are configured to permit it. To add manual clockings in the app, press the burger menu at the top right then select Manual Clockings  Then press on the Calendar and select the date you want to add […]

How do I get new activation codes after an employee re-installed JT Clock?

To acquire new activation codes after an employee re-installed JT Clock: 1) Go to the Employee Details window in Jarrison Time and select the JT Clock tab. 2) Click Deactivate Device and Save the change. 3) Then re-select Use JT Clock Myself, apply the correct settings and then the code will appear at the bottom […]

How do I view the audit/logs in JT Clock?

To view the audit (logs): 1) Open the burger menu in the top-right corner2) Select About device3) Open the burger menu again4) View Audit5) Audit burger menu You can then choose to Generate CSV or Send audit.Generate CSV file – will generate a csv file of all transactions on device and save to phone memory […]