How to setup Reminders

Reminders are notification events set on employees. A reminder can be created for an upcoming event for any employee by following the below steps. 1) Search for an employee who should have a reminder set 2) Open Employee Details 3) Go to the Reminders tab 4) Click on Add Reminder 5) Select the due date […]

How to Setup Clocking Groups

Clocking groups allow devices to be grouped together to determine Time and Attendance clockings. Follow the below steps to setup clocking groups for employees in Jarrison Time.

How do I enroll employee fingerprints on a ZKTeco enrollment device?

This article looks at enrolling employee fingerprints using a ZKTeco enrollment device (ZK 4000, 4500 & 9500). 1) Select employee you are enrolling then open the employee details by going to View > Employees. 2) Go to the Access tab on the right. 3) Select the Device Brand. This should be ZK Algorithm 10 and […]

How to add adjustments such as sick leave

This article looks at adding Sick/Paid Leave for a specific day that an employee did not work. 1) Find the employee that needs the adjustment by either searching for them in the search field or select the employee from the employee selection dropdown menu. 2) Select the Daily Details button on left of the employee […]

How can I grant an employee temporary access to certain devices?

Jarrison Time allows users with the correct user group privilege to grant temporary and permanent access to devices and groups of devices by means of Access Groups. Temporary access to devices is useful when allowing contractors and contract workers on your premises for a limited time. Here you will learn how to grant temporary access. […]

How to create and send Time Zones to ZKTeco devices

Below are the steps to follow in order to create time zones for devices and send them accordingly, as a means to restrict access for employees so that they have limited access into a premises at specified times. 1) Login to Jarrison Time and navigate to the Access menu located on the menu bar at […]

The difference between normal time and decimal time

Decimal time is usually used for payroll as it is a lot easier to use for the rate calculations and wages calculations. Decimal time is calculated with decimals after the hour meaning the minutes are converted to a decimal value meaning 30 minutes to decimal time will be 0.5. Normal time is just time as […]

How to configure Jarrison Time to import from Avigilon ACM

In order to import from Avigilon ACM v6 some details need to be correctly set in Jarrison Time first. Please also see the Knowledge Base entry for setting up the Avigilon side: 1) In Jarrison Time go to Setup > System Configuration > Import Clockings tab 2) Select Avigilon ACM (Postgre SQL) from the […]

Limiting User access rights

Enabling Main User to edit Sub Users access rights to the Jarrison System. Click on User > Profile (Have a look at the User group assigned to the user) Click on User > User Group Remove or assign rights the User should or should not have. (Remember the user group that was checked) Save and […]