Understanding clocking identifiers in Daily Details

In the Daily Details window of Jarrison Time, clockings are identified and marked by the system to display important information about the clocking. Below are explanations of what the various markings indicate. Daily Details can be accessed via the icon on the toolbar, or from View > Daily Details * – In the Original column […]

How to view employees from specific departments only (filtering)

This article will describe how to use an employee field to determine which employees are populating the employee list. In Jarrison Time this is known as filtering. A filter is created by selecting one or more field criteria, and then applied by loading the filter. To create a new filter follow the below steps. In […]

How to setup Jarrison Time to send email notifications of Offline Devices

Jarrison Time has a notification feature to notify email recipients of devices going offline or coming online. The below steps describe how to set this up. Please note that the system should already be configured for SMTP in order for notification emails to be sent. 1) Go to Setup > System Configuration > Notifications tab […]

Can users be restricted to specific adjustments?

In Jarrison Time users can be restricted to specific adjustments via Adjustment Groups. These groups enable selected adjustments to be grouped together and assigned to users, limiting specific users to only use specific adjustments. 1) The option to use Adjustment Groups is enabled from Setup > System Configuration > Import Clockings tab. 2) Then go […]

Overtime Pre-Authorization

This feature allows for overtime to be authorized ahead of time. Once enabled from System Configuration, the Pre-Authorization window is accessed from the Action menu. The window is similar to the Day Schedule, presenting all employees selected in the list. To apply pre-authorized overtime, select the amount of OT to be applied from the bottom […]

Can Jarrison Time have various overtime categories?

Time categories are typically the means of tracking time for individuals. Jarrison Time will have existing time categories in place. Any additional time categories needed can be created from the Time Categories configuration window reached from Setup on the menu bar. From Time Categories screen time categories can be added, removed, or renamed as needed. […]

Engine Not Running according to JT users

This issue will be presented as a user noting that the Device Action Monitor is displaying a message advising “Engine not Running”, however when the Engine machine is checked the Engine service is found running normally. This Device Action Monitor message can occur as a result of misaligned computer times. To resolve the issue check […]

How To Set Up Workflow in Jarrison Time

Workflow is a hierarchical notifications function in Jarrison Time, based on Supervisor designation. Workflow notifications can be set to apply for Overtime Pre-Authorizations, Overtime Authorizations, Manual Clockings, or Adjustments. Email SMTP will need to be configured in order to receive Workflow notifications. 1) Navigate to Setup > System Configuration > Workflow, in order to enable […]

Using Decommission of Server

The Decommission of Server feature in Jarrison Time enables the migration of the JTime database cluster from a running server to a new server, without having to individually change all user machine configuration files to point to the new server. The major versions of JT on both servers must match, and the server names/IPs must […]