How to configure a Sigma Lite to open a door or turnstile

These steps will show how to enable the relay of a Sigma Lite for use with a door or turnstile. 1) Open a web browser 2) Log into the device by entering device’s IP address in the web browser address field 3) Login as Admin (if you aren’t sure of the password please check with […]

How to configure an IP address for a Sigma device

The steps below can be used to configure an IP (Internet Protocol) address for Morpho Sigma Lite / Plus / Multi models using Morpho Bio Toolbox software when there is no network connection with the device. Note that a USB drive and a micro-USB-to-USB adapter will be required for this task. 1) Launch Morpho Bio […]

Troubleshooting Printing failing due to access denied

This can be a result of Windows account permissions. To set permissions follow the below steps: 1) Press Windows key + R2) Type: control printers3) Press <Enter>4) Select the printer you are trying to print to5) Click Print server properties6) Select the Security tab7) Click Advanced8) Scroll through the list and select the Windows account9) […]

Using Decommission of Server

The Decommission of Server feature in Jarrison Time enables the migration of the JTime database cluster from a running server to a new server, without having to individually change all user machine configuration files to point to the new server. The major versions of JT on both servers must match, and the server names/IPs must […]

ACM Integration Setup

Motorola Solutions Access Control Manager is a browser-based access control product. To integrate for clocking import by Jarrison Time please follow the below instructions. Please note .Net Framework 4.7 and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable packages 2005 – 2015 need to be installed. 1) Download and install the x86 option last on the list of available […]