Software Integration

Integration with other systems is key to magnificent solutions.


Access Control

Jarrison Time integrates with the following access control systems by automatically importing the Time & Attendance transactions, directly from the access control database. In such cases, the access control software maintains complete control over all of its hardware, with no interference from Jarrison Time.

We’d love to hear from you if you’re an access control vendor and you’d like to add your system to our ever-growing list of integrations. Connecting directly to the database or API level integrations welcome!

Payroll Integration Partners

Bidirectional integration with Sage & PaySpace products.
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Payroll & HR Export

Jarrison Time is able to create plain text/ASCII files formatted precisely as required. As long as your payroll software can accept import files, Jarrison Time can integrate with it. To date, there is no known payroll software that Jarrison Time can’t export to. Exports can be automated for convenience. An unlimited number of export files for different companies can be setup within the same organization.

Payroll & HR Import

It’s possible to link and automatically import approved leave directly from certain payroll systems, into Jarrison Time. It’s also possible to import employee information directly from these systems. Jarrison Time can import employees directly from Payspace, Sage and Workday.

Jarrison Time also has a customizable CSV import option, allowing employee information to be imported from any system that can export the data, such as SAP.

Imports into Jarrison Time can be scheduled for when suits you and your organization best.