Sales Terms & Conditions

Jarrison Time® Abbreviated Sales Terms & Conditions (Rev. 02/2022)
Jarrison Systems cc


All prices quoted by Jarrison Systems are quoted in South African Rands (R) unless otherwise agreed to in writing between Jarrison Systems and the customer.

Quotations are valid for a period of 30 (thirty) days from the date of quotation after which Jarrison Systems reserves its right to re-issue a new quotation in respect of the goods and/or services requested by the customer.

Licence fees for the software are payable by the customer in full 7 (Seven) days before the expiry date and each subsequent invoice in respect of licence fees shall become payable by the customer in full, 7 (Seven) days before, the expiry date of the annual licence.

All hardware orders require a 60% deposit on order and full payment on delivery.

Payment of any amount due in respect of installation fees, training, hardware, etc. is to be made within 30 (thirty) days of Jarrison Systems having invoiced the customer. All other invoices are payable before the customer is entitled to any activation codes for the software. Licences that are paid for more than a year in advance are also subject to all other invoices being settled before annual activation codes are released

Amendments to fees and price increases: Jarrison Systems reserves the right to review licence fees payable together with pricing in relation to any of the goods or services provided by Jarrison Systems from time to time. Licence termination dates, together with price increases where applicable, will be communicated to existing customers 40 business days prior to the termination date of the current customer’s licence.


Upon acceptance of the quotation, the Customer must agree to a delivery date within 2 (two) months of such acceptance.

Should the customer specify a delivery date later than 2 months from date of acceptance of quotation or, alternatively, should the customer cause delivery to be delayed for a period of 2 months or more, Jarrison Systems may, at its sole discretion, amend its original quotation to reflect any industry price increases that may have occurred during this period.

Should any installation or delivery of goods be cancelled as a result of the customer’s failure to comply with the system Requirements for Installation (see below) or for any other reason, due to the customer having failed to perform its agreed duties, Jarrison Systems reserves its right to charge a reasonable cancellation fee to the customer. Under such circumstances, travel costs and installation time will be charged to the customer in addition to the reasonable cancellation fee. A 15% handling fee may also be applied to any hardware order cancellations.


Ownership of all goods (other than software and publications provided by Jarrison Systems) will remain vested in Jarrison Systems until such time as the customer has paid the full purchase price to Jarrison Systems. Risk of all goods will pass to the customer on possession. Extra charges may be incurred if any delays are experienced on site that are out of the control of Jarrison Systems.

Ownership of all intellectual property vested in the software or publications provided to the customer will at all times remain vested in Jarrison Systems as the lawful licensor, owner, originator and developer of the software and/or publications.

The customer as the licence, in respect of such software or publications, is entitled to the use of the software and publications provided, for the agreed period of the licence granted and in return for the consideration paid.


All hardware warrantees are offered directly by the manufacturer of each device. If a device is found to be faulty Jarrison Systems will get it to the manufacturer for evaluation. The manufacturer will decide on repair or replacement according to their warranty policy. The service to collect and return warranty devices is chargeable at current labour and travel rates.

For further information regarding the use of our software, including information with regard to WARRANTEES, DISCLAIMERS/ LIMITATION OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITIES please refer to the full terms and conditions of our End User Licence Agreement (EULA) by clicking here. Alternatively please contact us on 011 – 462 9446 during normal office hours Mon – Fri (08:00 – 17:00) should you have any queries in this regard.

PLEASE NOTE: Jarrison Systems reserves its right to amend its terms and conditions from time to time.