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Jarrison Time V6.4

How to Setup Clocking Groups

Clocking groups allow devices to be grouped together to determine Time and Attendance clockings. Follow the below steps to setup clocking groups for employees in Jarrison Time.


How to fix “Door Inactive Periods” error on a ZKTeco ProBio device

If receiving a “Door Inactive Periods” error on a ZKTeco ProBio, please check the parameter Accessruletype, if Accessruletype=1 change it …


How do I enroll employee fingerprints on a Morpho enrollment device?

This article looks at enrolling employee fingerprints using a Morpho MSO300 or MSO1300 enrollment device. 1) Select employee you are …


How to install the ZKTeco interface

Before installing the interface ensure that all Jarrison Time components installed on the computer are closed or stopped. Then install …

How to add manual clockings in JT Clock

Manual clockings can be added via the JT Clock app, if the JT Clock settings in Jarrison Time are configured …

Jarrison Time V6.4

How to create and send Time Zones to ZKTeco devices

Below are the steps to follow in order to create time zones for devices and send them accordingly, as a …


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