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How to Export Logs from a ZKTeco KF460 to a USB storage device

To export logs from a ZKTeco KF460 to a USB storage device and then to the clocking system please carefully …

Jarrison Time V6.7

How to Do a Bulk Upload of Employee Documents into Jarrison Time

This article looks at how upload multiple documents for one or many employees in Jarrison Time. This feature works by …


How to install the Jarrison Time Amatec interface

This article provides a guide for installing the Amatec interface. This interface is required for communication between Jarrison Time and …


How to configure a Sigma Lite to open a door or turnstile

These steps will show how to enable the relay of a Sigma Lite for use with a door or turnstile. …


How to configure an IP address for a Sigma device

The steps below can be used to configure an IP (Internet Protocol) address for Morpho Sigma Lite / Plus / …


Troubleshooting Printing failing due to access denied

This can be a result of Windows account permissions. To set permissions follow the below steps: 1) Press Windows key …


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