jt manager

Manage Jarrison Time with Ease.

JT Manager is a versatile tool intended to make installation of Jarrison Time simple and convenient, whether it’s a full server installation from scratch or a single user. JT Manager can also help with establishing user connection to the server.


JT Manager can assist with installing a single user or installing a server (i.e. including Microsoft SQL Express). It includes options for .net framework and Microsoft Redistributable packages required by Jarrison Time, as well as components like hardware interfaces.

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JT Manager can reduce complication when restoring an SQL backup, taking care of everything automatically – just the backup source needs to be provided.

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Server Transfers

Server migration can also be handled by JT Manager, making transfer of Jarrison Time from one computer to another as easy as possible.
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User Connection

Let JT Manager configure SQL on the server, then run it on a user machine to establish connection.