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Practical and feature rich access control software

Easy and Effective

Years of user experience have resulted in an easily navigable system, making it very easy to learn quickly.

Up-to-date on-screen ‘In/Out’ Register to help keep track of who is on-site. A filterable Clocking List is also available to see precisely who clocked where and when.

Employees can easily be added in bulk and managed as individuals, or as groups by using filters.

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Integrated with all major brands of biometric devices. Various manufacturers’ devices can operate in one system. Facial, fingerprint, card, or PIN authentication possible (device-dependent).

Easily-tailored report fields and formats with many selectable user-defined fields to provide just the information you need. Temperature reporting available from compatible devices.

No limit on users, with full user control over their privilege in the software.

No limit on employees, with many customizable field options.


Featuring full anti-passback and zone sequencing, along with time-zoned access control. Managing specific groups of people, assigned to specific selection of devices, all while controlling access through specific times of the day and week. Able to revoke access due to specific inactivity periods.

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Import clockings on a customizable schedule.

Create reports as needed, have them emailed, at any time of day, for specific employees, to the email address/s of your choice. Email and SMS reporting possible.

Daily database backup to a safe location (e.g. another PC on the network)