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Jarrison Systems is a supplier of electronic boards to assist with the function of your hardware.


The anti-tamper board is installed on the safe side of the door, and works with the device’s tamper contact, preventing the door from being hotwired at the device side. Tampering with the device will result in this device triggering and preventing any further contact until the unit has been manually reset.

Anti Tamper 1
Siren Interface Board 1

Siren Interface Board

This unit allows a clocking device to drive the siren, using the Jarrison Time siren schedule, and not sound the siren each time somebody clocks in and out. Ideal for devices which cannot have the relay function turned off as people clock.

Timer Board

The timer board provides a varying amount of time for an electronic door to stay open from a single pulse coming from the device relay. Ultimately a fixed short relay pulse duration, will trigger the timer board, allowing a varying relay duration.

Timer Board


This will automatically cut then restore power to a device on a custom schedule. Ideal for devices which may need to be rebooted daily in order to re establish communications.

Booth Control

This unit will only allow one side of a mag lock door in a booth, to be opened at any one given point in time, preventing both doors from opening at the same time. Ideal for areas where the number of people who enter and exit at any given time, needs to be controlled.

Booth Controller

Door Open Sounder

This device will connect to the door open sensor on your maglock, and sound a buzzer or siren, if the door is left open for too long. Ideal for reducing tailgating through doors.

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