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Jarrison Time Release Notes

6.08 – June 2023

  • Bidirectional Sage 300 / Sage People integration using APIs.
  • Dahua integration, communicate directly to various devices.
  • Random Selection, which deactivates randomized people (Ideal for random searching).
  • Integration with “At the Gate” access control system.
  • Missed Presence, requires people to clock every hour to indicate presence.
  • Running Totals, calculate from pay period to pay period, based on the previous periods’ totals.
  • Consecutive Absence, the number of days of “consecutive” absence (catering for non-working days).
  • Open Integration section in the database, to save 3rd party adjustments for automated importing.
  • Date Driven employee fields now included the calculation parameters. E.g. Able to keep history of changing hourly rate calculations.
  • Ability to configure a Time Category as a decimal (Ideal for “Hours” to “Numeric” calculations).
  • Different Lockdown dates per employee.
  • Instantaneously export employee information to customizable external database (Great for 3rd Party integration).

6.07 – October 2022

  • Able to manage periodic accumulation totals in the daily rules. 
  • Add/Edit multiple languages for main screens 
  • Alpha numeric employee numbers possible for compatible ZKteco & Suprema devices 
  • Calculated results possible with custom layout, for 3rd party integration, ex dashboards 
  • Cloud backup to SharePoint or Google Drive  
  • Copy Job Adjustments to T&A hours  
  • End of service/Hire history 
  • New list of all saved documents 
  • Online Registration 
  • Predefined SMS messages 
  • Reasons for end of service 
  • Up to 5 signatures on reports, with custom designation titles. 
  • Visitor Module now compatible with Face Templates  
  • New exception for non-scheduled work-days 
  • Able to save custom notes and additional counters for Job Costing using JT Clock  
  • Shift Control – Able to automatically prevent access to devices, based on the shift assigned. Available for Sigma & ZKTeko static IP Devices. 
  • Export of clockings to database location for 3rd party access

6.05 – November 2021

  • Multiple workflow levels, requiring supervisors to approve scheduled overtime, worked overtime, manual clockings or adjustments
  • Can automatically assign shifts to people, based on the device they clocked “In” at
  • New monthly totals available, when using “Monthly with weekly paygroup rules”
  • Able to automatically create a User login for all “‘Supervisors”
  • SMS notifications to employee or supervisor for any shift changes is now possible
  • Paid breaks can now be ignored if allocated time has been exceeded
  • Can now display a people’s reminders on specific devices
  • Leave from payroll, can now be imported according to the “Capture Date”
  • Pay Group rules and/or formulas, can now be disabled

6.04- March 2021

  • JT Live – Strict AntiPassBack, Relaxed AntiPassBack, Zone Sequencing
  • Ability to lock the day scheduler
  • Feedback with optional cc email
  • Now able to add leave with decimal points
  • Option to assign different users to different defaults when adding employees
  • Option to email manager when employee is removed from an access group
  • Integration to Amatec hardware
  • Added recalculation to planned events
  • Added importing employees from device to planned events

6.03 – October 2020

  • Adjustments now available for Job Costing
  • Integration with ZK BioSecurity Access Control system
  • Now able to add “Only IF” conditions on time categories, for reports
  • Job Costing “Work Code” can be associated to TA devices for Access Control DB integration.
  • All Job Costing clockings can now be used as Time & Attendance clockings
  • Day Program calculations can now be based on yesterday. “Only If Previous Day”
  • Pay Group calculations can now be based on last period’s totals. “Only If Previous Period”
  • Specific selection of Day Program rules, or formulas, can be copied to other Day Programs
  • Day Program rules can now be disabled
  • Importing from Access Control Databases can now update employee details as per changes in Access Control system
  • Daily leave transactions can be exported using file export
  • Bulk adding of reminders for specific people
  • Option to only show Time & Attendance clockings in the “Access Control” reports
  • The display of “T&A” clockings and “Job” clockings in different tabs
  • Bulk changes to multiple Planned Events
  • Remote site clocking import now available in Planned Events
  • 4 additional signatures available on reports
  • User Filters now available to use in planned events
  • Can now export the access control groups to Excel
  • Blank if zero available in file exports
  • Unlimited number of Access Groups
  • User can be linked to employee to prevent user from changing any of their own details
  • The Temperature and Mask detection is now available with JS Webserver and compatible devices
  • Able to import employees based on the department from Sage People / 300
  • Option to show tomorrows clockings on todays date. Not all on same line
  • Additional method to filter employees, according to their templates per device type
  • Option to show Temperature and Mask results received from JS webserver compatible devices on Access Control reports

6.02 – May 2019

  • JT Clock Team – Mobile geolocation and biometric clocking solution for Teams on an Android device
  • JT Clock Myself – Mobile geolocation and biometric clocking solution for individuals on their Android device
  • Area Schedule – Option to have employees on an area schedule for their mobile clockings
  • Job and Action Groups – Only certain people can use certain Jobs and Actions
  • Area, Authorization and Filter Groups
  • Configure Daily Summary View per user group
  • Visitors now able to use cards only
  • Able to communicate to more Idemia devices inc Wave
  • Reason codes, reason groups and calculation according to reason codes

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Table of content

Glossary of Terms

.Net Framework

(known as “dot net”) .Net is a software development framework for building and running applications on Windows.

Access Control

Access control refers to the restriction of people’s ability to clock on biometric devices based on location and/or time. Advanced access control includes anti-passback and zone sequencing.

Access Groups

Access Groups in Jarrison Time are combinations of Devices and Time Zones, used to determine on which devices and at which times members of the Access Groups may clock. Access Groups also facilitate restrictions based on too much or too little clocking in specified time-frames.

Access Groups can by synchronized or imported by Third-Party Import, or by users.

Access Zone

In Jarrison Time an Access Zone is how devices are grouped together to form logical zones for the purposes of access control. The option is available with the JT Live module.

Adjustments (Manual Adjustments)

Adjustments are the method of covering absence of time by employees in Jarrison Time. Examples of adjustments would be Annual leave and Sick leave. Adjustments are typically applied by a user via Daily Details as needed, or can be imported from file. It’s very important that Adjustments are correctly configured and applied as paid or unpaid. (Unpaid will result in Short Time.)

Anti Passback

Anti Passback is a form of access control where people are restricted from clocking on the device most recently clocked on, until they have clocked at another device.

Approval Bypass

Approval Bypass is a feature of Jarrison Time Approvals that allows for the first approval tier to be approved without any exceptions being cleared.


Approvals are a system-wide setting that forces users to correct Exceptions and then lock periods from further editing, ready for submission to payroll.

Jarrison Time allows for up to three tiers of Approvals: Daily Summary (timesheet), Pay totals, Department totals. Starting at timesheet level, each tier needs to be approved before the next one can process.


An Area in Jarrison Time refers to a GPS location with a set radius, which designates a permitted T&A clocking area for JT Clock users.

Area Schedule