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Rewarding the top employees is hard, if you are doing it manually. Get it fully automated with Jarrison Time.

Flexibility & Customisation

Jarrison Time boasts an unlimited number of reports that can be customised to the customer’s requirements, all using the built in report creator. Reports can be automated and sent via email as planned events for management to proactively act upon and therefore save on costs such as excessive overtime and control absenteeism quickly.

The power of the limitless shifts, day programs and formulas in the background differentiate Jarrison Time from the rest. We are open to assisting with demonstrations on our product. Please contact your reseller for further information.

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The key to a solid Time and Attendance software solution is the support. When you need to speak to someone for help you generally require it urgently and Jarrison Systems understands this.

Our team of remote support agents are ready to assist either telephonically or via remote login to your PC. Our fleet of vehicles and on-site support agents are ready to assist in person if required.

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Jarrison Time is compatible with many upmarket access control and biometric brands in the market. Years of time and development have enabled us to have direct links to the latest technologies in the market, including various new contactless technologies such as facial recognition. This means that you may well already have equipment that Jarrison Time can use thereby saving you the initial capital expense of new hardware.

A seamless export to virtually any payroll package using our export file creator, provides an end to end solution from the clocking device automatically to Jarrison Time and Attendance and from there to your choice of payroll. Jarrison Time is a trusted SAGE VIP partner.

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User Friendly

Usability of the Time and Attendance interface is crucial for the end user. Input from HR personnel, influencers and managers over the years have helped us to continually release updates and new features to ensure that navigating Jarrison Time with all of its aspects, is a pleasure. The idea behind our solution is to simplify and automate your processes thereby avoiding manual input and time consuming adjustments.

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About Jarrison Time

Jarrison Time became one of the top Time and Attendance solutions in the market many years ago with our extensive proven track record. Through word of mouth and product excellence we have grown from strength to strength and continue to innovate and deliver our stable and powerful Time and Attendance solution.

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