Implementation Requirements

Before Commencement of  Installation:

  • A suitable computer should be prepared according to the minimum IT requirements.
  • Please provide your supplier the listing of individuals who will be logging in to Jarrison Time and their required permissions and roles. JT User Template.
  • Please provide your supplier the shift rule document. (Full list of shifts which need to be programmed)
  • An Employee list can also be provided. Optional list of employee information for bulk initial import.
  • For payroll integration, the export file layout as per payroll company.

Customer Requirements:

  • Onsite involvement of a person who has complete knowledge of the customer’s shift rules.
  • Onsite involvement of the person who knows the desired results offered by Jarrison Time.
  • Someone from the IT department to be available during the initial software installation. (Not configuration)
  • A computer-literate person to receive training, operate the software, and understand what is expected from them
  • A representative from the payroll company to be available to facilitate the import and/or export to payroll.
  • Physical and/or remote access to the computer/s, during normal working hours.
  • Adequate permissions on the computer in order to install the software.


  • Implementation may not necessarily run over consecutive days, allowing customer to build data and questions.
  • As each customer has different requirements, rules, user capabilities, costs may vary.
  • The built in Admin account is reserved for authorised and trained resellers only. Jarrison Systems will not be responsible for any unauthorised use.