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Implementation Requirements

New Customer Process

Below are the steps and stages involved in getting a new customer implemented.

  • Jarrison Systems will offer the reseller assistance with a demo.
  • Jarrison Systems will generate a quote based on the info received per the “Quotation Information” (below).
  • The reseller will receive quotes from with and copied in.
  • The reseller should “Reply all” (To Admin & Marketing teams) on the quotation email with a go-ahead, or request a Purchase Order if one is needed in order to proceed.
  • Installation date to be scheduled. (Can be without a P.O.)
  • The “Implementation Information” (below) needs to be provided at least 5 (Five) days before the scheduled implementation date.
  • Jarrison Systems will contact the reseller if any additional time is expected to complete the implementation, after the implementation information has been reviewed.
  • Customer Contact Information must to be sent by the reseller to Jarrison Systems at least 1 (One) day before the scheduled implementation date. If needed the Purchase Order should be sent at the same time.
  • Jarrison Systems will perform the implementation on-site or remotely, per the scope of work that has been supplied by the reseller.
  • Should the scope of work change during the implementation, Jarrison Systems will communicate this with the reseller for a possible revised quotation and date/s to be scheduled.
  • During the implementation Jarrison Systems will contact the reseller if any additional time is required to complete the implementation.
  • The implementation of Jarrison Time might not be performed in consecutive days.
  • Once the implementation is complete as per the initial and/or revised order, Jarrison Systems will then invoice accordingly including the Job Card/s and/or Support ticket/s.

Cancellations without notification within 24 hours, will be invoiced for the time/ travel costs incurred.
Jarrison Systems will not be responsible for existing hardware or hardware installed by the reseller.
Jarrison Systems will not be responsible for incorrect or incomplete implementation or contact information.
Jarrison Systems will not be responsible for parties that are not present at the scheduled time and place.

Quotation Information

Jarrison Systems requires this information for any quotation to be created.

  • Number of shifts to be programmed, with different start and end times, per employee type (e.g. Permanent vs Contractor). Specific requirements and/or rules for the shifts, including allowances and Public Holiday conditions.
  • Name of suburb and City of site/s where the software and additional users need to be installed.
  • Total number of “Employees” per site database, rounded up to the nearest 50.
  • Number of “Users” required. (People that will login the software)
  • Existing Time and Attendance and/or Access Control software. (For take-on or integration options)
  • Name of payroll system, if any. (For integration)
  • Make, model and quantity of biometric device/s.
    • Make –
    • Model –
    • Quantity –

Implementation Information

Jarrison Systems requires the following before implementation can begin.

  • A suitable computer according to the minimum IT requirements.
  • User permissions. (Permissions and roles of all users who will be working on Jarrison Time)
  • Shift rule document. (Full list of shifts for implementation)
  • Employee list. (Optional list of employee information for bulk initial import)
  • Location of and access to third-party access control system, if applicable.
  • For payroll integration, the export file layout as per payroll company.

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Table of content

Glossary of Terms

.Net Framework

(known as “dot net”) .Net is a software development framework for building and running applications on Windows.

Access Control

Access control refers to the restriction of people’s ability to clock on biometric devices based on location and/or time. Advanced access control includes anti-passback and zone sequencing.

Access Groups

Access Groups in Jarrison Time are combinations of Devices and Time Zones, used to determine on which devices and at which times members of the Access Groups may clock. Access Groups also facilitate restrictions based on too much or too little clocking in specified time-frames.

Access Groups can by synchronized or imported by Third-Party Import, or by users.

Access Zone

In Jarrison Time an Access Zone is how devices are grouped together to form logical zones for the purposes of access control. The option is available with the JT Live module.

Adjustments (Manual Adjustments)

Adjustments are the method of covering absence of time by employees in Jarrison Time. Examples of adjustments would be Annual leave and Sick leave. Adjustments are typically applied by a user via Daily Details as needed, or can be imported from file. It’s very important that Adjustments are correctly configured and applied as paid or unpaid. (Unpaid will result in Short Time.)

Anti Passback

Anti Passback is a form of access control where people are restricted from clocking on the device most recently clocked on, until they have clocked at another device.

Approval Bypass

Approval Bypass is a feature of Jarrison Time Approvals that allows for the first approval tier to be approved without any exceptions being cleared.


Approvals are a system-wide setting that forces users to correct Exceptions and then lock periods from further editing, ready for submission to payroll.

Jarrison Time allows for up to three tiers of Approvals: Daily Summary (timesheet), Pay totals, Department totals. Starting at timesheet level, each tier needs to be approved before the next one can process.


An Area in Jarrison Time refers to a GPS location with a set radius, which designates a permitted T&A clocking area for JT Clock users.

Area Schedule