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Creating unique solutions for your business requirements.

Innovative, high-quality, comprehensive Time and Attendance Software.

Jarrison Time and JT Clock
Time & Attendance

Manage Employee Hours Effectively

Effortless calculation of hours worked, even for the most complex of shift arrangements, Easy exporting with our trusted payroll integration.
Leave Management, Job Costing and customizable automated reports

Access Control

Direct integration to many device brands

Monitor, control and record movement of people on your site.

Mobile app

Clock people on the move

Geolocation and geofencing, giving you control of people out of the office, using their own device.

All-in-one solution

Renowned integrations with device manufactures and payroll systems, offering flexibility and ease of use with our end-to-end solution.

Employee management and powerful time tracking software for the modern workforce, with an undeniable proven track record

Time & Attendance done right

Manage staff with ease.

Smart, Mobile, Geolocation and Real-Time Clocking Solution

Introducing JT Clock®

Single Android device to clock the entire team.

Clock Team Job Slide scaled

Job Costing

Caters for Job Costing transactions, with customized Job sets per device (Job Costing module required)

GPS Location

Can use device's location service (GPS or Network) for all clockings

Offline Ready

Offline capabilities (Send & Receive info when Internet connection is re-established).

Global Settings

Settings managed in Jarrison Time (Not on device)
Your Jarrison Time licence needs to include JT Clock, for full app functionality.
Apple iOS support is coming soon.